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Durban to have Indian design appear

1 DURBAN: FASHION originators and beauticians to Bollywood stars are get ready to exhibit their ability on the Durban runway, at an elite occasion this month.


How you can look great in the Arizona warm

2 We as a whole know it gets HOT in Arizona amid the late spring with temperatures achieving 120 degrees on occasion. One of the difficulties of the warmth is remaining cool while looking popular.

This Is the Fashion Set's Favorite Summer Accessory

3May there be more fans. Not the selfie-taking, hindrance overturning kind, but rather the breeze-production, ha-I'm-from-one more century kind. It's one all the more thing to wedge into your straw bushel.

Form's Summer Accessory Is Obviously A Headscarf

4 Today’s headscarf style has completely evolved to ghetto to urban chic. Today’s top style bloggers know what’s up. It is no longer a piece of cloth you throw on to walk to the bodega.