ARRI ALEXA Mini LF introduced

just introduced ALEXA Small This will not only affect the shock. I can not think, it's actually doubtful that a ARRI ALEXA Mini Mini would be close. Mini LF shares standard design style the largest detection unit will look like ALEXA small, if you use a dozen.

If there is a very important factor, almost all laptops or designers the owner of the laptop for example will use it, this can be faster, trusted storage area. The American Digital Azure solid state drive exactly matches that. In addition, at Dollar55, for a capacity of 250 GB, it is also very cheap. The desktop masters of most computers might eventually discover an area for their situation. But even if your program did not abandon the SATA ports, you can invariably hde usb 2.0 aluminum refuse to generate it in a very good sub-Dollar15 Universal series bus slot: fast growth: there is a fast external generation for backup or external storage area. .

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